ERGO Custom Purple SuperLite™ Modular Free Float Rail System

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The ERGO SuperLite™ Modular Free Float M-LOK™ OR Keymod Rail System provides a 1.8” outside diameter and a 1.35” inside diameter designed to create a clean and sleek profile. Ventilation cutouts aid in rapid cooling, and provide substantial weight reduction.

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Product Description

The ERGO SuperLite™ Modular Rail System, slots are located at the 3, 6, and 9 o’clock positions allowing users to run with or without rail covers. The rail provides multiple attachment locations for Ergo accessories including Ergo WedgeLok®; slot covers and as a host to all other compatible products.

Manufactured entirely in the USA from 6061 T6 aluminum, and purple anodized. The ERGO SuperLite™ Modular Rail System is available in two lengths.

Installation is simple using a standard ½” drive 1 3/16” crow foot wrench (not included), and all necessary mounting hardware is included.


  •  6061 T6 construction
  •  Purple anodized finish
  •  Lightweight one piece free float design
  •  Full length, seamless Mil-Spec 1913 Picatinny top rail
  •  Scalloped Picatinny rail slots for comfort
  •  Sleek 1.8” outside and a 1.35” inside diameter
  •  For AR-15/M16 platforms (Not AR-10, SR25, etc.)
  •  Available in 12”, and 15” lengths
  •  Made entirely in the USA.

INSTALLATION (Download instructions by clicking here)

Installation instructions

Tools required:
1 3/16” Crowfoot wrench
3/32” Allen Wrench

1. Clean and inspect upper receiver, barrel and barrel nut.
2. Place receiver in proper vise block.
3. Coat threads with grease or anti seize compound.
4. Install barrel into receiver. Be sure to align indexing pin with slot in upper receiver.
5. Slip barrel nut over barrel and thread onto upper receiver hand tight.
6. Using your 1 3/16” Crowfoot wrench, torque nut to 30-50
ft-lbs. Check alignment of gas tube hole in upper receiver. You
may need to loosen and tighten nut once or twice to get proper
alignment and torque.
7. Install gas tube and gas block, per proper instructions.
8. Slip handguard over barrel and gas block.
9. Align screw holes in handguard with holes in barrel nut.
10. Start all screws before tightening any of them. We recommend blue thread locking compound.
11. Make sure everything is aligned properly and installed correctly.
12. Tighten all screws.
13. Enjoy your new, state of the art handguard.

Additional Information


9″ M-LOK, 9″ Keymod, 15″ M-LOK, 15″ Keymod


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